ARCH Guest Code of Conduct

Arch Rival Roller Derby strives to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all at our events. We ask for your assistance in creating and maintaining an environment that is free of:

  • Abusive/foul language, obscene gestures and inappropriate physical contact directed towards skaters, officials, support staff, volunteers, vendors, and/or other fans.
  • Intoxicated and/or drug-impaired individuals.
  • Smoking, except in designated areas outside the venue.
  • Venue prohibited items such as weapons and non-service animals.
  • Laser pointers and other items deemed inappropriate, harmful, or hazardous by event staff.
  • Guests without proper authorization or credentials entering or attempting to enter restricted areas (e.g., only those credentialed for photography in advance will be allowed in the center of the track).
  • Banners or signs that obstruct the view of guests or contain objectionable subject matter.
  • Game interference (including entering the track or throwing objects onto the track) or other behavior disruptive to the event.

Individuals not abiding by this Guest Code of Conduct are subject to ejection from the venue and will not be entitled to ticket replacement or refund. Possible ramifications include denial of future attendance at ARCH events. Entry to the venue shall constitute acceptance of the ARCH Guest Code of Conduct and venue regulations.

Venue Regulations:

Copyright R.

  • Spectators under 18 years of age are not allowed to sit trackside in the “splash zone.”
  • If you choose to sit trackside, you accept all responsibility for the possible risk of injury to you or damage and/or destruction to your belongings at any time without warning. Trackside seating is at your own risk.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and belongings behind the safety line at all times. Do not touch or grab skaters or officials who fall into trackside seating. If a piece of clothing or equipment falls onto the track or safety lane, do not attempt to retrieve it.
  • Glassware and sharp objects are not allowed in trackside seating.
  • Fire lanes, exits, and walkways must remain clear.
  • By entering the venue, you agree to the possibility of being photographed or digitally recorded. Your voice, image and likeness may be captured and recorded in and around the venue and publicly disseminated by any means and in any format or media.
  • Although digital photography for personal use is always encouraged, unauthorized live streaming of an ARCH game in its entirety is strongly discouraged.