ARCH Launches Hall of Fame

As Arch Rival Roller Derby continues to patiently wait for a return to competitive play, the League is installing a new component that recognizes those that have been involved in their first fifteen historical years.

Last week, the ARCH Board of Directors made the executive decision to implement and oversee an officially league-sanctioned “Arch Rival Hall of Fame” that will have an inaugural class revealed in early 2021.

“It takes a village to establish and maintain a roller derby league,” said ARCH League President Zombie. “Over the years, there are those who have put in significant time and talent which we feel should be recognized. This Hall of Fame will serve as a bridge between the past and present.”

Every February, to coincide with the League’s “Alumni Night” event at Midwest Sport Hockey, a group of five retired skaters, one retired official and one retired off-skates volunteer will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Although the February 2021 public event is not on the current docket due to the pandemic, the decision was made to forge ahead and present the first class three months from now.

“During this time of quarantine, it affords a glimmer of hope for ARCH’s future,” said Zombie of the future plans.

As determined by the current Arch Rival Board of Directors, for skaters to be eligible for Hall of Fame inclusion, they must have skated with the League for a minimum of five years total and must have been officially retired for four consecutive years.

Out of all the prior skaters that have competed with ARCH since their 2005 foundation, 22 athletes have fulfilled the requirement of both tenure and separation, which is going to make the selection of the inaugural quintet extremely difficult. All of them are just that darn good.

The annual Hall of Fame selection process will follow this methodology. Out of eligible candidates, nominations will be made by members of a closed group of Arch Rival Alumni that reaches close to 200 former League participants.

Following that nomination period, the top ten skaters, the top three officials and the top two volunteers will advance to the final ballot.

From there, both the aforementioned Alumni group and current ARCH League membership will vote for the ones that will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This year’s inaugural crop of eligible skating candidates will be interesting as it contains athletes that have both local championship titles and travel team experience in their portfolios as well as those that have contributed to off-track leadership roles that will undoubtedly give a boost to their respective inclusion.

Quite honestly, this first flight is going to be a tough one to call. The nomination period for the 2021 class takes place this week and the finalists will be voted upon next week.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments!

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