ARCH Set To Host Queeny Quad Quake Tourney

A brand new local season of Arch Rival Roller Derby launches this weekend at Queeny Park and the first cycle of our seven-event campaign features an inaugural tournament featuring a quartet of area flat-track franchises.

The Queeny Quad Quake takes place on Saturday, December 14 at Midwest Sport Hockey in Ballwin, MO (570 Weidman Road). Doors for the event open at 6 pm and the evening’s first whistle blows at 6:30 pm.

The format of the tournament features a pair of 30-minute semifinal games that funnel to an equally-timed third place contest and a concluding trophy clash.

Contrary to other sport analogies, this is not a marathon but a sprint!

In the opening semifinal, ARCH’s C-team, the Fleur De Linquents meets the COMO Roller Derby All-Stars. Then in the other semifinal, the St. Chux Derby Chix Pack in Black tussles with Confluence Crush Roller Derby’s Smitten Kittens.

What’s unique about this event is that even though there is a prior derby history that intertwines the four WFTDA franchises, the Q3 marks a first-ever event that has the quartet on the same track on the same night.

It’s been a long gap of competition between ARCH and Columbia, Missouri-based COMO. The semifinal marks the first time the two Leagues have competed against each other since 2011. In prior play, ARCH’s b-team, formally skating as the Saint Lunachix, hold a 2-1 edge in the history books.

However the slate is wiped clean with this first-time duel.

ARCH’s Fleur De Linquents’ high point of the calendar year was a 238-105 victory over Nashville Roller Derby’s  B-team at home in May.

There will be plenty of new skaters that will be making their debut at Q3 and they are all eager to show off their skills to the ARCH fan base and secure the overall victory.

COMO’s All Stars, currently ranked #224 by the WFTDA, is 3-2 and recorded a 187-84 victory over #273 Roughneck Roller Derby in June. The team is 3-1 in sanctioned play this season and craves a trophy game snatch.

Q-Cubed’s other semifinal also holds plenty of intrigue as the meeting between SCDC and Confluence Crush is the first public game between the pair.

The St. Chux Derby Chix Pack in Black claimed a pair of victories this calendar year against Springfield, Illinois-based MidState Mayhem Roller Derby and fought tough in an 18-point setback to a higher-ranked Southern Illinois Roller Derby in June. This is a team that could definitely play spoiler for the evening.

Also possessing high hopes is the b-team of Confluence Crush Roller Derby, the Smitten Kittens. The rollers from the Metro East posted an impressive 158-95 victory over Akron Roller Derby’s AK Rowdy Rollers in April and plan on using derby smarts to gain a spot in the finale.

There’s so many variables at play with the different complexions of teams. Whoever survives and hoists the trophy at the end of the evening will certainly have earned it.

Tickets for the event are $15 at the door while children 10 and under are free.

Fans can save $3 per ticket by purchasing them online in advance at Brown Paper Tickets while groups of six and above can get passes for $9 apiece. Click on this sentence to snare the savings!

It’s gonna be a fun night of derby and potentially the launch of a yearly event on the ARCH schedule!

Please join us for the “Queeny Quad Quake!”



1007      Rachel Madd-OW!

1111      Strawberry MILFshake

1212      Becca Schaefer

13          Bloody Gaga

1315      Sunday School Slammer

18          Jam It Ginger

199        Whiskey Throttle

2468      Launchpad McWhack

328        Soundproof

476        Indiana Bones

5            Girl Fawkes

6            Chicken

611        Shia LeBUFF

62          Zoe Hell

66          Thrasher

8007      Scooty Boots

934        Natural Disaster


125      Rainbow Crash

1417    Alexis, Play Derby

1701    Trekkie Monster

1887    Doc HaulAway

1993    LaDi DaDi

22        Tara Eyes

4          Poison Ivy

42        Spill Murray

44        Wickedpedia

545      #smashtag

616      Kell on Wheels

666      Baby Spice

67        Wretched Gretchen

755      CrewsAidHer

81        Al B. Hatin’


007      ROKSOLID

0121     ABITUDE


13        JINXY TINK

313      DWOW MURKEM

4          TRAINRACK #4

41        RECK-IT-RINA

44        BLAZIN’ ASIAN



681      CHAOS HAAS

713      KORESH N

810      MANDY GORE



97        SKIRT COBAIN


17        Mesch ‘er Up

100      Vanna Wipeout

187      QT Kilr

1969    L on Wheels

25        Maimy Fisher

267      SheGo

3          DeeFlesher

34        Rink Rat Ryan

394      Mayday

404      Code Monkey

42        Itty Biddy

626      Lilo & Stitches

666      Dethblok

7          La Frostina

99        Payne Gretzky

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