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(ST. LOUIS, MO) Arch Rival Roller Derby held their annual “Awards Night” at the Crack Fox in downtown St. Louis Saturday night. Honors were presented in 48 categories for skaters and League personnel.

In the “ARCH Fan Favorite Award” that was voted online by the public, Stunt Devils’ jammer Force Choke received the honor.

In the ARCH categories voted by the League internally, Smashinistas’ blocker Regrets won “Rookie of the Year.”

For the travel teams, Annie Swanson claimed Overall MVP for the ARCH All-Stars, dad bod won a similar honor for the ARCH Nemesis B-team and Outlaw Josie Wheels received the prize for the Fleur De Linquents C-team.

Here are all the winners of the 2019 ARCH Awards:


ARCH All Stars Overall MVP: Annie Swanson

ARCH All Stars MVP Jammer: Bricktator

ARCH All Stars MVP Blocker: Kayla Woodward

ARCH Nemesis Overall MVP:  dad bod

ARCH Nemesis MVP Jammer: Aggie Wartooth

ARCH Nemesis MVP Blocker: dad bod

ARCH Fleur De Linquents Overall MVP: Outlaw Josie Wheels

ARCH Fleur De Linquents MVP Jammer: Zoe Hell

ARCH Fleur De Linquents MVP Blocker: Snotface


Smashinistas Overall MVP: Cloak N’ DragHer

Smashinistas MVP Jammer: Annie Swanson

Smashinistas MVP Blocker: Cloak N’ DragHer

Stunt Devils Overall MVP: Rhonda Lousey

Stunt Devils MVP Jammer: Scarrie Fisher

Stunt Devils MVP Blocker: Kill-Ya Knightly

M-80s Overall MVP: dad bod

M-80s  MVP Jammer: Loki Doki

M-80s  MVP Blocker: Scouts Horror

Rebel Skate Alliance Overall MVP: Sith Happens!

Rebel Skate Alliance MVP Jammer: Darth Tator

Rebel Skate Alliance MVP Blocker: Han Rolo


Rookie of the Year: Regrets

Batman and Robin (Best Duo):   CQ and dad bod

Lt. Dan Award (Best Practice Leader): Vicious Van GoGo

The Smack Down (Best one-on-one): Kayla Woodward

The Energizer (Best Endurance): Loki Doki

Twinkletoes (Best Footwork): Loki Doki

Stop, Block n Roll (Best Stops): Bolt Action

Under The Radar (Most Underrated Skater): Pixie Dust-Ruction

Skates Gonna Shake (Most Intimidating): Kayla Woodward

Kill ‘Em With Kindness (Sweetest Skater): Downtown Dallis

Cardiac Award (Heart of the Team): Bricktator

Welcome to Thunderdome (Triple Threat): dad bod

Mean Mugger (Best Bout Face): Cloak N DragHer

Apple for the Teacher (Best Mentor): Sue Bob Fight

Behind the Scenes (Best Committee Member): Oliver Smacks

Gunning for You (Best Arms): Annie Swanson

Awesomeness Award: Oliver Smacks

Rollerparent Award: Cruella Bellie-Ville

Fearless Leader (Leadership): Bricktator

Role Model Award: Jill ‘Em All

Jammer’s Worst Nightmare (Best Defense): Kayla Woodward

Jammer’s Best Friend (Best Offense): Pixie Dust-Ruction

Most Improved Skater: Fumi Owoso

Best Support Staff (Non Skating Official Award): Count Stephanos

“FoJammi” Award (Best ARCH Referee): Candyman

Most Dedicated Volunteer: Muckety Muck


Congrats to all our winners!

A new season of ARCH starts on Saturday, December 14 at Midwest Sport Hockey with the inaugural “Queeny Quad Quake.” The one-night tourney featured teams from ARCH, the St. Chux Derby Chix, Confluence Crush Roller Derby and CoMo Roller Derby.

Click on this sentence to purchase discounted online tickets and also purchase a seven-event season pass for $60.


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