ARCH B & C Teams Hosts Nashville Saturday

This Saturday, ARCH’s B & C travel teams will make their lone appearance at Midwest Sport Hockey this season!

The teams host Nashville Roller Derby Saturday at the Queeny Park Sport Court (570 Weidman Road).

In the opener that launches at 6:30 p.m., ARCH’s C-team, the Fleur De Linquents, faces NRD’s Music City Brawl Stars B-team.

Then in the 8 pm nightcap, ARCH’s B-team, the Nemesis, tangles with NRD’s Music City All-Stars A-team.

Both ARCH travel teams are gunning for their first respective victories of the season.

The Fleur De Linquents (0-2) fell to the Naptown Warning Belles B-team two Saturdays ago in Indianapolis but look to claim that coveted W on home turf.

Here is the line-up for the FDLs this Saturday:

Blockers: Bloody Gaga, Wyldesyde, Hayley Contagious, Snotface, Spock n Roll, Girl Fawkes, Outlaw Josie Wheels, Boomeryang, Jenforcer, regrets, Dewey Decimation. Jammers: Zoe Hell, Force Choke, Whiskey Throttle, Toni Smaxton. Alternates:Betty White Trash, Shia LaBUFF

The Brawl Stars (2-2) claimed a 198-140 win over the Black Rose Rollers’ Riveters B-team in early-March and will attempt to push their record to their favor.

In both games for the Nemesis (0-2) this season, the outcomes were determined in the final jam. Their 141-122 setback to Naptown Tornado Sirens A-team at the same Indianapolis event two Saturdays ago was a nail biter throughout. Ultimately, keeping the differential extremely close to the team that’s currently ranked #30 internationally by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) was huge feather in the helmet.

Here is the line-up for the Nemesis this Saturday:

Blockers: Birdsong, Gnarley Quinn, Splatter, Cruella Belle-ville, Sole, Shekill O’Neal, Pixie Dust-ruction, Lola Blow, Party Foul, Sue Bob Fight, CQ. Jammers: Skeevie Nicks, Aggie Wartooth, Flash Ultraviolet. Alternate: Hayley Contagious

The Music City All-Stars, ranked #113 by the WFTDA, currently is 2-1 and recorded a 210-108 victory over #120 Black Rose Rollers in the aforementioned event between the pair of Leagues. Coming in and ruining the Nemesis’ home opener is the missive.

Tickets for the double header are $15 at the door for adults, $8 for students with ID and free for children 10 and under. Individual tickets for a $3 discount and group tickets for a $6 discount are available BY CLICKING HERE.

We’ll see you Saturday night!

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