Newly-Named ARCH B-Team and FDLs Travel To Windy City Saturday

Arch Rival Roller Derby’s B and C travel teams begin their 2019 respective campaigns this weekend and for the former, the new season comes with a new franchise name.

The pair travels to Northern Illinois to meet the respective B and C squads of the Windy City Rollers on Saturday at Vertiport Chicago, a 30,000 square foot helicopter hanger in downtown Chicago.

The event begins at 6 pm as ARCH’s Fleur De Linquents C-team battles WCR’s Third Coast and then in the nightcap, WCR’s Second Wind meets our League’s re-branded B-team, ARCH NEMESIS.

“It’s really exciting,” said ARCH NEMESIS co-captain Sue Bob Fight of Saturday’s opener. “We’ve had a lot of changes and a lot of (veterans) come back and people from other places come in, so it’s going to be really competitive and exciting.”

Returning faces from the B-team charter that finished last season 2-3 include jammers Aggie Wartooth, Flash and Ultraviolet alongside blockers Birdsong, Bloody Gaga, Joan of Spark, Pixie Dust-Ruction, SheKill O’Neal.

Newcomers to ARCH NEMESIS this season include jammers Lola Blow, Whiskey Throttle and Skeevie Nicks and blockers CQ, dad bod, Hayley Contagious, Gnarley Quinn, Jill ‘Em All and WyldeSyde.

Of course, there is the name change for the franchise that played their first game ten years ago this month. For starters, a group vote was taken by the charter after a series of submissions and the ARCH Board of Directors had to approve the re-brand. In the end, the reasoning is clearly understood when explained.

“We used to be known as the St. Lunachix and there’s been discussion for a couple of seasons for changing it,” said Sue Bob of the re-brand. “We changed it because we don’t want to be ‘chix’ anymore, because that’s not cool. We don’t identify with it. It’s not part of our culture.”

Consider it another new, exciting chapter written for the b-team that contains the firepower that will match-up equally with Windy City’s Second Wind (1-0), who scored a three-point win over Ann Arbor’s B-team in mid-March, 164-161.

In the opener, ARCH’s Fleur De Linquents enter play after their 2-1 finish in 2018. Slated on the roster Saturday are jammers Force Choke, Whiskey Throttle, Bloody GaGa and Toni Smaxton alongside blockers Boomeryang, Bruise Almighty, Girl Fawkes, Zoe Hell, JJ, Outlaw Josie Wheels,  Rachel MADD-OW!, Regrets, Warpath O’ Jen, WyldeSyde,  Zombie,  Betty White Trash and Dewey Decimation.

The B & C teams will play at home at Midwest Sport Hockey on Saturday, May 19 against the travel squads of Nashville Roller Derby.

Best of luck to our travel teams this weekend!


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