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(ST. LOUIS, MO) On Saturday night, Arch Rival Roller Derby presented their 2018 ARCH League Awards at the Heavy Anchor in the Bevo Neighborhood. The event recognized winners in 35 separate categories that involved both local and travel teams.

In the “Fan Favorite Award” that was determined by the voting public online, Arch Rival All-Stars and Stunt Devils’ jammer Bricktator was selected as the recipient.

In voting held within the league, M-80s’ blocker Boomeryang won “Rookie of the Year” honors while Stunts’ blocker Joan of Spark was awarded the “Most Improved Player” for 2018.

For Intraleague (local) Most Valuable Player awards for respective teams, Vicious Van GoGo claimed honors for the Smashinistas, BEECH, PLEASE! carved the top spot for the M-80s and Shear-Ra Powers snared the prize for the Stunt Devils.

Overall MVPs for the Interleague (travel) squads went to a trio of blockers: Vicious Van GoGo for the Arch Rival All Stars, Pixie Dust-Ruction for the Saint Lunachix B-team and Snotface for the Fleur De Linquents C-team.

Here is the list of the winners at Saturday’s ARCH Awards Ceremony.


ARCH Fan Favorite – Bricktator

ARCH Rookie of the Year – Boomeryang

Most Improved Player – Joan of Spark

Under The Radar (Most Underrated Player) – Fletch-A-Sketch

Skates Gon’a Shake (Most Intimidating) – LuxFurious

Kill ‘Em with Kindness (Sweetest Roller Skater) – Outlaw Josie Wheels

The Cardiac Award (Heart of the Team) – Bricktator

Welcome to the Thunderdome (aka Triple Threat Award) – Bolt Action

The Mean Mugger (Best Bout Face) – Cloak N’ Drag-Her

Batman and Robin Award (Best Duo) – Cloak N’Drag-Her and Shear-Ra Powers

An Apple for the Teacher (Best Mentor) – Sue Bob Fight

Behind The Scenes (Most Dedicated To Committee Work) – QuickSandz

She’s Gunning for You (Best Arms) – Annie Swanson

Overall Awesomeness Award – Sue Bob Fight

But, Moooooommm (Best Rollermama) – Quicksandz

Fearless Leader (Best Leadership On/Off-Track) – Bricktator

Roll Model (Skater You Can Always Depend On) – QuickSandz

Jammer’s Worst Nightmare –  Kayla Woodward

Lieutenant Dan Award (Best Practice Leader) – Vicious Van GoGo

The Smackdown (Best one-on-one ShutDown) – Cloak N’ Drag-Her

The Energizer (Best Endurance) – Annie Swanson

Loud Mouth Award – Carmina Piranha

Jammer’s Best Friend – Pegasass

Twinkletoes Award – PsychoKid D’ Freakout

Best Support Staff (Non-Skating Official) – Count Stephanos

Most Dedicated Volunteer – Muckety Muck

FoJammi Award (Best Referee Award): Artie FM


ARCH All-Stars Overall MVP – Vicious Van GoGo

ARCH All-Stars MVP Jammer – Annie Swanson

ARCH All-Stars MVP Blocker – Kayla Woodward

Saint Lunachix Overall MVP – Pixie Dust-Ruction

Saint Lunachix MVP Jammer – Ultraviolet

Saint Lunachix MVP Blocker – Cruella Belle-ville

Fleur De Linquents Overall MVP – Snotface

Fleur De Linquents MVP Jammer – Sinister Minister

Fleur De Linquents MVP Blocker – Snotface



Team MVP – Vicious Van GoGo

MVP Jammer – Bolt Action

MVP Blocker – Cloak N’ Drag-Her



MVP Jammer – Shoulder, Colorado

MVP Blocker – LuxFurious


Team MVP – Shear-Ra Powers

MVP Jammer – Bricktator

MVP Blocker – Shear-Ra Powers

Congratulations to all our winners and nominees!

Arch Rival launches their four-team, local campaign on Saturday, December 15 at Ballwin, Missouri’s Midwest Sport Hockey.

Season passes for the seven-event series that features ARCH doubleheaders are $76. For more info, go to THIS LINK.

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