ARCH Local Re-Draft Stage One Results

(ST. LOUIS, MO) The first official move of Arch Rival Roller Derby’s return to a four-team local complexion took place Thursday night with the League’s “End of the World Re-Draft” held at the Skatium.

The re-draft was under the jurisdiction of the ARCH’s Coaching Committee. First, the returning skaters from last year’s local squads were placed into four equal groups based on skill set.

The quartet then went through a series of game-show-like selections that resulted in the team name they inevitably received.

Here were the results of the re-draft (Note: not all current ARCH skaters were available to be present at the event):


Aggie Wartooth, Bricktator, Bruise Almighty, Cruella Belleville, Flash, Lethal Dose, Super Mario-OhNo!, Pixie DustRuction, Shear-Ra Powers, Snotface, Splatter, Spock N’ Roll


Bolt Action, Boomeryang, Girl Fawkes, Ginger, Holliver Fist, Jedi Knight-N-Gale, LuxFurious, Camina Piranha, Reptar, QuickSandz, Trigger Happy Jackie, Vicious Van GoGo


Annie Swanson, Birdsong?, Cloak N’ Drag-Her, Bloody Gaga, Pegasass, SheKill O’Neal, Sue Bob Fight, Violet Opposition


Fletch-A-Sketch, The Jukes On You, K-La Woodward, Nox, Outlaw Josie Wheels, Prof. Rumbledore, Psychokid D’Freakout, Smarty McFly, Joan of Spark

Full coverage of the event can be found at ARCH’s official Facebook page.

An additional “new to ARCH draft” featuring transfers, rookies and former skaters re-entering play will take place next Thursday night. Coverage of that event will be textcasted on the League’s official Twitter feed.

ARCH’s 2018-19 seven-event local season launches Saturday, December 15 at Midwest Sport Hockey. The complete schedule and ticket prices will be announced shortly.

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