ARCH’s Lunachix & FDLs Ready To Battle No Coast Saturday

A pair of Arch Rival Roller Derby developmental travel squads embarks to the Cornhusker State this weekend and looks to shuck a pair of victories.

ARCH meets the interleague squads of the No Coast Derby Girls Saturday night at NCDG’s home track, the Ice Box located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In the doubleheader that launches at 5:30 pm, Arch Rival’s B-team, the Saint Lunachix, tangles with the No Coast Mad Maxines A-team while ARCH’s C-team, the Fleur De Linquents, battles the No Coast Road Warriors B-team.

Both Arch Rival teams faced a similar “our B vs. their A and our C vs. their B” set-up two weekends ago in a home showdown with travel squads from the Chicago Outfit and claimed a pair of dukes.

For the Saint Lunachix, they set the tone quickly, possessed a triple digit lead at intermission and cruised to a 315-128 victory over the Chicago Outfit Syndicate, currently ranked #124 internationally by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

Numerous jammers posted double-digits performances in the win that pushed their record to 1-2. Ultraviolet (92 points), Jedi Knight-N-Gale (80), Flash (70) and Aggie Wartooth (23) will start in the line-up this Saturday.

Blocking will be paced by Rock Slobster, Cruella Belle-ville, Birdsong, Splatter, Pixie Dust-Ruction, Lethal Dose, Bruise Almighty, Trigger Happy Jackie, Nox and Joan of Spark.

“I was very happy with both teams after our home games against the Outfit, so I really want to see that momentum carry over into facing a tough opponent on the road,” said Lunachix and FDL bench coach Gil Tiemann of the weekend missive. “No Coast is a big, solid veteran team that is going to give us some strategic challenges, so being able to adapt to them and their style is going to be a key to our success.”

The No Coast Mad Maxines (1-5) are currently ranked #68 internationally by the WFTDA. Historically, their A-team is a seasoned group that has reached WFTDA Division 1 post-season play for multiple years. Their lone victory this season is a 219-145 victory over #77 Orangeville at April’s Skate to Thrill invitational held in St. Charles, Missouri.

As outsiders, the Saint Lunachix will certainly have to play their best game this Saturday if they wish to even their 2018 record.

The same could be said of the ARCH Fleur De Linquents (2-0), who netted a 185-168 come-from-behind triumph over the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade at home two weeks ago.

In the victory, the FDL’s gained a sizable lead at intermission but saw the differential evaporate deep and actually trailed with minutes remaining. A 35-5 push in the last few jams helped keep the C-team’s record spotless.

The jamming rotation is projected to consist of FDL captain Sinister Minister, Bloody Gaga, Holliver Fist and Aggie Wartooth.

Blocking will be paced by Spock N’ Roll, Lethal Dose, Bruise Almighty, Boomeryang, Outlaw Josie Wheels, Birdsong and Quicksandz while additions Dastardly Dash, Poison Ivy, Rude-Off and R’hllor Girl will get their inaugural rotations in ARCH interleague play.

“We are very excited to hit the road with the Lunachix and leave it all on the track in Nebraska!” said the FDL’s Sinister Minister of the upcoming challenge. “We are hoping to keep playing our game and have a lot of fun together!”

Their opponents, the No Coast Road Warriors (0-3), have been handed a pair of losses this season by the Minnesota Nice as well as a double-digit setback to the Ann Arbor Bruising Company. Their contest against the FDLs is projected to be more even in player skill set across the board, so a tight outcome is projected.

A sweep is the Saturday goal by the Arch Rival travel teams. Best of luck to them this weekend!

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