ARCH Travel Teams Claim Wins Over Chicago Outfit

(Photos by Bob Dunnell)

(BALLWIN, MO) A pair of Arch Rival Roller Derby travel teams picked up wins at Midwest Sport Hockey Saturday night by utilizing depth and capitalizing on the opposition’s miscues.

In their meetings with travel squads from Chicago Outfit Roller Derby, ARCH’s Saint Lunachix collected a 315-125 topper over the Chicago Outfit Syndicate in the opener while in the night cap, ARCH’s Fleur De Linquents claimed a 185-168 come-from-behind triumph over the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade.

The twin-bill in front of 300 marked the final home appearance for the travel teams this summer.


The St. Louis B-team charged quickly against the Chicago A-team that is currently ranked #124 internationally by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and utilized a five-jammer attack alongside a blocking schematic that put the clampdown on the Midwestern mafia early.

Leading 4-0 after the opening jam, the Chix went on a two-jam run that greatly widened the differential. Ultraviolet’s 19-point power jam in the second rotation was followed by The Jukes on You’s 18-4 tally six minutes that pushed the Chix lead to 41-4.

This set the tone for numerous jams that saw multi-lap passes for the locals. Flash’s 12-pont collection in Jam 6 was followed by Jedi Knight-N-Gale’s 14-5 jam at the 16:30 mark that made the score 69-21.

The Lunachix passed triple-digits on the scoreboard with ten minutes left in the period as Aggie Wartooth’s ten-pointer made the score 101-42.

Meanwhile, Saint Lunachix blockers Jenforcer, Rock Slobster, Cruella Belle-ville, Birdsong, Splatter, Pixie Dust-Ruction, SheKill O’Neal, Trigger Happy Jackie, Nox and Joan of Spark helped keep the momentum rolling as the locals scored points in every jam for the remainder of the period.

With Ultraviolet’s 27-8 powerjam in the half’s final rotation, the Lunachix possessed a 172-69 lead at intermission.

The second half saw ARCH come out with a 22-9 push in the first four rotations, finished by Knight-N-Gale’s nine-pointer at the 22:30 mark that made the score 194-78.

In fact, Jedi made the most off of opportunities via power jams in the frame. Her 25-pointer midway through the period made the score 231-113 and a 20-point collection with 4:20 left pushed the lead to 296-122.

The Chix passed the 300-point plateau via Ultraviolet’s 10-3 jam with 2:40 left that made the score 306-125.

The Lunachix (1-2) outscored the Syndicate in the second period, 143-56, en route to the 315-125 victory. Ultraviolet topped Chix scoring with 92 points followed by Knight-N-Gale’s 80.

SAINT LUNACHIX INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Ultraviolet 92, Jedi Knight-N-Gale 80, Flash 70, The Jukes on You 36, Aggie Wartooth 23.


Midwest Sport Hockey’s finale displayed the common narrative of a “tale of two halves.” In fact, the FDLs almost saw this battle slip away. Fortunately, their 32-12 run in the last seven minutes claimed the duke and pushed their record to 2-0.

Trailing 29-14 after six jams, the Fleur De Linquents claimed their first lead of the evening as newly-minted jammer Leggs Benedict claimed a 19-point power jam, resulting in a 33-29 scoreboard flip at the 21:00 mark.

In her ARCH debut, she added multi-lap passes that widened the score. A 19-point power jam with 14:00 left in the period pushed the score to 65-37 and a ten-point rotation three jams later blossomed the score to 85-38.

With jammers Sinister Minister and Holliver Fist providing scoring alongside blocking from Girl Fawkes, Ginger, Lethal Dose, Snotface, Spock-N-Roll, Warpath O’ Jen, Quickdandz, Boomeryang and Super Mari-Oh-No, the FDLs possessed a 102-57 lead at intermission.

Even though things seemed comfortable at game’s midpoint, the Shade Brigade, to their credit, effectively chipped away at the deficit as the period progressed and cobbled a 99-51 stretch run that ultimately flipped the scoreboard.

After Braise Seiten’s eight-pointer recorded with 7:30 left, the Shade Brigade commanded a 156-153 lead change. They tacked on a four-pointer in the ensuing jam that pushed the score to 160-153 with six minutes left.

The FDL’s gained lead jammer status on the next rotation and flipped the script and shot the plot as Minister claimed a 22-point back breaker that resulted in a 175-160 lead change at the 5:30 mark.

This launched Arch Rival’s 28-0 rally that secured victory as the holy roller’s clutch lead jammer status obtained and two-point jam with two minutes left extended the lead to 181-160.

The C-team certainly felt the pressure but persevered with the 185-165 victory as Benedict topped ARCH scoring with 89 points.

FLEUR DE LINQUNETS INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Leggs Benedict 89, Sinister Minister 36, Holliver Fist 35, Snotface 9, Spock-N-Roll 3.

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