ARCH’s FDLs Claim Season Opening Win!

(Photos by Bob Dunnell)

(BALLWIN, MO) Bucking tradition Saturday night, the helmet covers for the jammers of Arch Rival Roller Derby’s Fleur De Linquents displayed the image of a unicorn.

It seems apropos that the C-team turned in a magical performance and by utilizing a pair of power jams deep, the FDLs galloped to a 215-176 victory over the West Kentucky Rockin’ Rollers at Midwest Sport Hockey.

ARCH scored 29 straight points with under four minutes left that launched their 2018 campaign and continues on Saturday, June 30 at Queeny Park against the Chicago Outfit Shakedown.

The FDLs’ complexion featured a trio of jammers that had never jammed in local play this past intraleague season. Two were making their first starts since coming back from injury and the other was making a conversion from her normal blocker routine.

The blocking schema also featured returning skaters and hard-charging travel-team first-timers.  In the end, the solo horned-recipe resulted in success.

Trailing 6-0 five minutes in, St. Louis claimed their first points of the game as team Captain Sin, making their ARCH debut, collected a 14-10 non-lead power jam rotation that sliced the score to 16-14 at the 23:25 mark.

West Kentucky pushed the score to 25-14 two jams later as jammer Thriller Jackson notched a nine-point strike.

The FDLs claimed their first lead of the game with 18:20 left in the period as the returning Blink jammed a 14-2 rotation, resulting in a 28-27 lead change.

The edge was short-lived as WKRR’s Nobody claimed a 15-point power jam on the next rotation, resulting in a 42-28 scoreboard flip.

That shot was countered by the FDL’s punch of Blink’s 19-4 jam with 15:30 left that handed the locals a 47-46 lead.

As the back-half of the frame continued, the walls provided by blockers Ginger, Snotface, QuickSandz, Super Mari-Oh-No!, Warpath O’ Jen, Poison Ivy, Jameson, Outlaw Josie Wheels and Boomeryang helped widen the differential.

Traditional blocker but newly-minted jammer Spock N’ Roll claimed a 8-4 jam with 6:15 left in the period that pushed the score to 75-62. Sin followed with a 10-point power jam that widened the lead to 85-62 with 4:15 left.

West Kentucky chipped away at the deficit in the final rotations and trailed 97-83 at intermission. They used the momentum to score six straight points in the opening two jams of the second period and narrowed the FDL’s lead to single-digits, 97-89 with 27:40 left.

ARCH jammer Blink then quelled the visitors’ rally with a 21-9 jam as the FDLs increased the score to 118-98 with 25:10 remaining. She added a 15-2 jam four minutes later that pushed the score to 133-102.

Pack strength resulted in St. Louis recording lead in four of the next six jams. It resulted in a cumulative 31-29 result that pushed ARCH’s lead to 174-131 with 10:55 left.

To their credit, the Rockin’ Rollers capitalized on penalties over the next six minutes and quickly shored the score wit their 41-8 rally. Following Nobody’s ten-point jam with 4:30 left, the visitors only trailed 182-172.

The FDLs then snatched victory with the aforementioned 29-0 stretch run deep. With a power jam, Spock notched a personal best 15-point rotation that widened the score to 197-172 with 2:20 left. Blink followed with an additional 14 on the game’s penultimate jam that stretched the score to 211-172 with 1:30 left.

With the visitors hoping for a late-game Hail Mary, ARCH’s Sin claimed lead jammer status and helped drain the remaining seconds from the period clock. A 4-4 push resulted in the official final of 215-176 that favored the Fleur De Linquents.

Blink topped the locals’ ledger with 111 points followed by Sin’s 47.

The FDL’s upcoming June 30 game against the Shakedown  will be part of a doubleheader that also features ARCH’s b-team, the Saint Lunachix, meeting the Chicago Outfit’s Shade Brigade.


ARCH FLEUR DE LINQUENTS (215): Blink 111, Sin 47, Spock N’ Roll 45, Warpath O’ Jen 10, Boomeryang 5.

In Saturday’s opener, St. Louis Junior Roller Derby’s Untamed Youth competed in their inaugural full-length game and were handed a 469-65 setback to West Kentucky Junior Roller Derby.




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