ARCH’s C-Team Skates At Home This Saturday!

A brand new season for Arch Rival Roller Derby’s C-team of travelers, the Fleur De Linquents, launches this Saturday night at Midwest Sport Hockey in a tussle with the West Kentucky Rockin’ Rollers.

The two-game event begins at 6:30 p.m. with the inaugural full-length contest by St. Louis Junior Roller Derby’s Untamed Youth as they challenge West Kentucky Junior Roller Derby.

Tickets for the doubleheader are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Children 10 and under get in free. CLICK ON THIS SENTENCE TO GO PURCHASE DISCOUNTED TICKETS ONLINE.

The FDLs, who finished last season 3-1, have been preparing for the upcoming flat-track campaign over the past few weeks and are chomping at the bit to hear their first official whistle Saturday night.

“We are so excited!” exclaimed FDL Captain Sin. “The energy in our practices has been so awesome and positive. Everyone is really excited to work together, gel, and leave it all on the track!”

Sin’s involvement with the squad on quads exemplifies the importance of ARCH possessing a developmental C-team. Formally with the Nashville Rollergirls, Sin transferred to the Gateway City while rehabbing an injury. Without a local collective to skate for, Sin, now fully-cleared for competitive play, can display solid skill sets on the flat-track that helps League progression and, simultaneously, lead to future selection by an ARCH local franchise.

“Having the FDLs is an awesome privilege that not all leagues get to have, honestly,” Sin said. “Having a solid, bouting C-team fosters incredible growth and confidence in newer skaters, as well as an avenue for veteran skaters to hone their skills. My last league (Nashville) dreamed of having a C-team to help build up skaters, so I’m super excited and grateful that ARCH has such a solid team in place.”

Alongside Sin, skaters competing on the FDL charter this Saturday night include Ginger, Snotface, Warpath O’ Jen, Spock N’ Roll, Super Mari-oh-no!, Outlaw Josie Wheels, Blink, Boomeryang, Poison Ivy, Quicksandz and other future ARCH additions.

Being a FDL-rostered member also gives an opportunity for rookie rollers to raise their collective ARCH stock.

“We have a handful of brand new skaters where this is their first travel season,” assessed Sin. “We also have a more robust travel schedule than I believe we’ve ever had before. There’s something about traveling to compete that builds determination and confidence in a different way and helps build team spirit, so I believe a goal of ours this season is just to hone in on our team strategies, work together, and have fun!”

West Kentucky (1-3) has had a really competitive season and their 189-131 victory over the Nashville Rollergirls’ Music City Brawl Stars b-team has been the highlight of 2018 thus far.

Sin is hoping that the Fleur De Linquents gets vocal, local support for their first-ever game held at Midwest Sport Hockey.

“We would be so delighted and encouraged to have an awesome fan presence cheering us on!” the captain said. “We are so stoked to have this opportunity to show our fans who we are as a team.”

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