ARCH Reveals New League Logo!

The perpetual story of St. Louis’ first women’s flat-track roller derby franchise repeatedly contains the word “evolution.”

Founded in 2005 as the Arch Rival Roller Girls, the League evolved into a chartered member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association in September 2007.

Since then, the League has evolved their on-track play to the point of consistently achieving Top 10 status within the governing body’s set of international rankings.

In 2016, the League evolved by changing its official brand name to Arch Rival Roller Derby.

This week, ARCH reaches another level of evolution as the franchise has incorporated a new logo in marketing and promotion.

The change was necessary for a couple of reasons. For starters, the former logo’s thin, linear artwork was difficult in the production/replication of printed and clothing materials and for graphic display in broadcast/internet coverage.

Also, a change in artwork created a similar narrative of evolution that the League continues to experience.

The new ARCH logo was initially proposed by the League’s in-house graphic artists in December 2017 and after initial input by the League’s Board of Directors, a proposed logo was presented and voted upon by select League members and modifications were subsequently made based on feedback.

The end result is a logo that retains the same historic color scheme as well as the incorporation of the iconic St. Louis Arch symbol but also implements a more bolder and symmetrical use of font work in the League’s name.

Arch Rival Roller Derby is proud to reveal the League’s new branding logo.

The following artwork will be integrated into the League’s social media platforms this week and will be featured as the ARCH All-Stars compete at the Big O Invitational beginning this Friday.

Merchandise featuring the new logo will be available later this year at our local events.

The symbol associated with ARCH’s first thirteen years of existence will still be featured in future “throwback” promotions and exhibited from time-to-time because we still want to acknowledge our historical past.

We’re excited about the future! We know you are too!

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Muckety Muck

Muckety Muck has been a co-announcer for Arch Rival Roller Derby since 2008. Writes Arch Rival previews and recaps for Arch City Sports, a St. Louis-based sports website.

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