Smashies vs. M-80s This Saturday!

The final regular season local game for Arch Rival Roller Derby (ARCH) takes place this Saturday night and the ending result will determine the teams that will appear at the League’s trophy tilt that takes place later this month.

The Smashinistas (2-1) tangle with the M-80s (1-2) in the 6:30 p.m. tussle held at Midwest Sport Hockey (570 Weidman Rd., Ballwin, MO).

If the M-80s claim victory on Saturday, all three ARCH local teams will finish the regular season with identical 2-2 records. The pair of teams that advance to the April 28 title game will be determined by total point differential accrued during the six-event regular season. In short, if the M-80s want to reach the trophy game held later in the month, they must win and win convincingly.

Last month, the loggers claimed a 201-199 victory over the Stunt Devils that was claimed in the final jam in come-from-behind fashion. Jammers Jedi Knight-N-Gale and Shoulder, CO recorded 68 and 67 points, respectively, while Bad Axe and Twig E. Smalls contributed valuable numbers.

Blocking was paced by Lumberjam, Ginger, BEECH, PLEASE!, Jenny Loggins, LuxFurious, Megabirch, Fionna Crabapple, Big Red, Maul Bunyan, Chop It Like It’s Hot, Fight Shrub, Sumack Down and Sequoia Destro-Ya. All are projected to be in the line-up this weekend.

Meanwhile, the Smashinistas covet a third victory that quashes any aforementioned narrative. Jammer Bolt Action paced the defending champs’ scoring ledger with a 115-point effort in the Smashies’ February game against the Stunts. Veteran Flash and recent add-on The Jukes on You will also have multiple rotations with the star in the upcoming tussle.

Blocking will be anchored by Vicious Van GoGo, Cloak N’ Drag-Her, Rock Slobster, Spock N’ Roll, Holliver Fist, Outlaw Josie Wheels and Birdsong.

Saturday’s event will also feature a GateKeepers Roller Derby match-up pitting Central West Friends against the Creve Coroners as well as a junior derby exhibition featuring St. Louis Junior Roller Derby.

The event will also host another Girl Scout Night with attendance by our friends with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.

Due to the volume of ticket traffic with a similar Girl Scout event held in February, it is highly recommended that you purchase your ticket in advance and arrive early in order to get a premium seat.

Tickets at the door are $12 while children 10 and under get in free. Adult tickets purchased in advance online at Brown Paper Tickets are $10 while groups of six and more can get a ticket for $8. CLICK ON THIS LINK for online discounts.

We’ll see you Saturday night at Midwest Sport Hockey!

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Muckety Muck

Muckety Muck has been a co-announcer for Arch Rival Roller Derby since 2008. Writes Arch Rival previews and recaps for Arch City Sports, a St. Louis-based sports website.

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