Stunts Force Tie In ARCH Standings!

(Photos by Bob Dunnell)

(BALLWIN, MO) Saturday’s outcomes from local play from Arch Rival Roller Derby resulted in a dramatic shift in the leagues’ current hierarchy.

The Stunt Devils upended the defending champion Smashinistas, 216-191, that resulted in the pairs’ identical 2-1 records with one game left in hand by each for the remainder of the regular season.

Saturday’s event, which also featured a junior derby exhibition between St. Louis Junior Derby’s Untamed Youth and Minor Threat Roller Derby, and was promoted in conjunction with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, resulted in a new Midwest Sport Hockey single-night event record of 1,200 attendees.

The fifth event of ARCH’s six-game regular season cycle continues at the Queeny Park facility on Saturday, March 17.

When the duo tangled at the League’s season opener last December, the defending champs topped the Stunts by nine points. Revenge was on the minds of the daredevils and their 25-point win over the Smashies – which led to a two-way tie for first place in the league standings – successfully completed the mission.

After a scoreless opening rotation, Smashies co-captain Bolt Action collected a 14-point power that gave her squad a 14-0 lead.

The Stunt Devils responded with 15 straight as Psychokid D’ Freakout’s eight-pointer in Jam 3 was followed by Bricktator’s eight collected at the 24:50 mark that resulted in a 15-14 scoreboard flip.

The lead was short-lived as Flash’s four-point strike at 23:40 pushed the lead back to the Smashinistas, 18-15.

Two jams later, with blocking paced by Cloak N’ Drag-her, Rock Slobster, Hero-Shima and Smarty McFly, the Smashies capitalized on a power jam that resulted in Action recording 26 points, leading to a 44-15 advantage with 20:30 left in the period.

The Stunts countered with a 13-0, two-jam punch as Bricktator’s niner at 19:10 was followed by Freakout’s four-point pass that whittled the score to 44-28.

As the period progressed, the newer Smashies made significant strides. With blocking paced by Vicious Van GoGo, Spock N’ Roll, RudeOff, Outlaw Josie Wheels and Birdsong, newcomer The Jukes on You posted an 8-3 rotation that pushed the lead to 52-31 with 13:10 left in the half.

However, the Stunts quickly countered over the next four jams to retake the lead. With blocking crafted by Fletch-A-Sketch, Shear-Ra Powers, Lethal Dose, Wonder Thighs, Splatter, Hardcore Parkour, BiFurious, Pegasass, Bruise Almighty and Joan of Spark, the Stunts went on 27-3 rally. Back-to-back-to-back four-point passes from Bricktator, Ultraviolet and D’Freakout was followed by Ultraviolet’s 15-point bombshell that resulted in a 58-55 lead change with 8:10 left in the period.

Further devil damage was inflicted on the next pair of flights as D’Freakout’s 16-11 rotation in Jam 16 was followed by Bricktator’s 19-point power jam with 5:10 left that pushed the score to 93-66. In the half’s penultimate jam, D’Feakout notched a 25-4 rotation that widened the differential.

With their 60-24 stretch run over the over the half’s final eight minutes, the Stunt Devils possessed a 118-79 lead at intermission.

During a majority of the second half, the Stunts managed to maintain that 40-point differential and then started to pull away with about twelve minutes left. With Bricktator’s four scored after Jam 12, the team stretched their lead to 176-120.

But just as things looked bleak for the Smashinistas, the defending champs opened eyes with their 66-8 rally over the next five minutes that resulted in sour belches for the Stunts’ faithful. Blockers Girl Fawkes and Poison Ivy help aid The Jukes on You to a non-lead 11-point snatch with 10:25 left that sliced the score to 176-131.

Then after a 4-4 push in Jam 14, Holliver Fist punched home a 10-4 rotation with 7:05 left that made the score 184-145. Action and Flash respectively added three and four point passes that shored the score to 184-152 with five minutes left. Key to that latter mix was a penalty committed by a Stunts’ jammer deep that resulted in a Smashies’ power start heading into Jam 18.

And mercy, was that situation presented a doozie! As the lone jammer in the launch, the Smashies’ Action quickly gained lead and with subsequent Stunt penalties, quickly notched multiple grand slams. When the dust settled at the 3:06 mark, the co-captain’s 34-point game-changer flipped the scoreboard back to the favor of the Smashninistas, 186-184.

As momentum was snared by the defending champs, the Stunts quickly delivered a punch to their collective bread baskets as D’Freakout popped a nine-point rotation with 2:15 left resulted in a 193-186 lead change.

A scoreless rotation on the game’s penultimate jam resulted in a similar scenario of a single-digit differential that was the endpoint of the pair’s December meeting.

However this time, the Stunts flipped the script, shot the plot and ran away with the duke as D’Freakout’s 23-5 rotation in the final rotation preserved the 216-191 victory.

D’Freakout paced the Stunt Devils (2-1) with 122 points. The team continues play and hope to break the ARCH top spot deadlock in their March 17 meeting with the M-80s (0-2).

Action paced Smashies’ scoring with 115 points. The team (2-1) is idle until April 7.


STUNT DEVILS (216): Psychokid D’ Freakout 122, Bricktator 63, Ultraviolet 24, Aggie Wartooth 7.

SMASHINISTAS (191): Bolt Action 115, The Jukes On You 19, Holliver Fist 19, Flash 16, Cloak N’ Drag-Her 15, Hero-Shima 8.

Here is the post-game interview with the Stunt Devils’ Wonder Thighs and the Smashinistas’ Smarty McFly.

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