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(PHILADELPHIA, PA) The Arch Rival Roller Derby All-Stars competed at the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Division 1 Championships this past weekend at the Liacouras Center and finished the weekend 2-1 as they reached the Hydra Cup’s Elite Eight.

Ranked seventh internationally by the WFTDA, ARCH picked up a 225-82 win over the #8 London Rollergirls in a Friday quarterfinal play-in game. Then in Saturday’s quarterfinal round, Arch Rival were handed a 237-109 setback by two-time defending champions Rose City. Finally in a Sunday consolation contest, the All-Stars topped #12 Crime City, 220-160, to finish their extremely competitive season 8-5.


The win saw St. Louis dominate the game in lead jams obtained (27-13) and spending twenty minutes less than London in the penalty box (19 to 39 in favor of ARCH).

Trailing 3-1 after two jams, Arch Rival flipped the scoreboard to their favor, 21-3, after jammer Bolt Action’s 20-point strike. Harmony Killerbruise added 10 on the next rotation that pushed the score to 31-3 at the 23:00 mark.

A stubborn defense, paced by blockers Salty, Shear-Ra Powers, K. Woodward, Cloak N’ DragHer, Grant, CupQuake, Smarty McFly, Vicious VanGoGo and Shimmy Hoffa, kept the Brits’ scoring low while widening the differential as the period progressed.

St. Louis sported a 68-20 lead after Jam 13 and on the next flight, Annie Swanson scored 14 that pushed the tally to 82-20 with eight minutes left in the half.

ARCH held a 110-38 at intermission but London started strong in the second period a collected a 20-4 run. Punctuated by AnDracula’s seven scored in Jam 6, LRG narrowed the score to 114-58.

ARCH responded with a 36-0 game-clinching run over the next five jams. Concluded by Reptar’s 13-pointer scored, St. Louis’ lead blossomed to 150-58 with 17:00 left.

With an additional 29-0 streak achieved with five minutes left, St. Louis outscored London in the second period, 115-44, en route to the 225-82 victory and placement in the bracket’s quarterfinals.

Action topped ARCH scoring with 56 points, followed by Swanson’s 54.

ARCH RIVAL INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Bolt Action 56, Annie Swanson 54, Bricktator 48, Reptar 37, Harmony Killerbruise 21.


The task against the two-time defending champs seemed tough, but ARCH was most certainly game. Following a four point pass by Bolt Action, ARCH held a 9-3 lead.

That small advantage was quickly converted into a huge deficit as Rose City began to display the mechanisms of a team that hoisted the Hydra Cup the past two seasons. In this specific case, a 66-0 rally.

It was launched by veteran Loren Mutch’s 25-point strike in Jam 4 that flipped the scoreboard 28-9. Mutch later finished the streak with a 14-pointer with 15:15 left in the half that widened the score to 69-9.

Action collected a grand slam that made the score 69-14 but then another, and more eye-opening, Rose City run quashed any attempt of an ARCH comeback.

By claiming seven straight lead jams, and aided by double-digit scoring from Bonnie Thunders, Beyond ThunderDame, Frisky Biscuits and Brute, Rose City produced a 70-0 stretch and possessed a 139-14 lead with 3:15 left in the period.

Arch Rival’s Annie Swanson’s ten-pointer scored on the next rotation stopped the streak but the differential remained overwhelming at intermission with Rose City leading 143-31.

Thunders’ 24-point launched second period scoring as the Wheels of Justice increased their lead to 167-31.

To their credit, Arch Rival refused to wave the white flag and at certain moments displayed plenty of their own firepower with a nifty 60-28 run during an eight-jam stretch .

In the process, Action posted 13 in Jam 6 and Swanson added 12 on the next rotation. The run was finished by Bricktator’s 13-pointer collected with 9:30 left that made the score 200-93.

A good effort was shown by ARCH in the second half as they were outscored by only sixteen points in the frame, 94-78, as Rose City picked up the impressive quarterfinal win. Thunders topped the Wheels of Justice scoring with 75 points followed by Mutch 74.

Swanson paced Arch Rival scoring with 35 points.

ARCH INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Annie Swanson 35, Bolt Action 29, Bricktator 18, Vicious VanGoGo 14, Reptar 13.


In the consolation match-up, ARCH sprinted quickly out of the gates and netted the first nine lead jams of the contest. This resulted in a 37-0 launch that was highlighted by Reptar’s nine-pointer in Jam 8.

Malmo, Sweden-based Crime City, who eyed revenge after a loss to ARCH in May at the Big O, quickly sliced the deficit as Hanna P’s 18-4 rotation claimed with 17:00 left in the half that made the score 41-18.

St. Louis maintained a 20-point cushion as the period progressed and possessed a 59-39 lead with ten minutes left.

Crime City then went on a hurge surge and posted a 33-12 collection over the next two jams that resulted in a lead change. With a 20-4 strike from Curly Haar followed by a 13-8 jam from Prince Sofia, the Swedes flipped the scoreboard to their favor 72-21 with 6:15 remaining in the half.

After ARCH’s Bricktator collected a three-point pass in Jam 17 that gave the edge back to St. Louis, Crime City grabbed the half’s third lead change at the four-minute mark with Hannah P’s 13-4 rotation that made the score 85-78.

Arch Rival regained their composure and barreled back to the charge as Swanson’s 18-point jam with 2:45 left handed the lead back to St. Louis, 96-85. Bricktator added the three on the half’s penultimate jam that pushed the score to 99-85.

In the period’s final rotation, Crime City’s King K scored nine imperative points as Arch Rival clung onto a 99-94 edge at intermission.

Both teams traded points in the opening stages of the second half as St. Louis maintained a 108-104 lead after four jams.

ARCH then claimed two sizable scoring runs that widened the differential. First up was a four jam, 26-0 rally, highlighted by Swanson’s baker’s dozen in Jam 6, which pushed the score to 134-104 with 19:00 left in the game.

Then following a 10-9 ARCH rotation in Jam 9, St. Louis produced a 37-0 rush that sealed victory. With a 19-pointer from Reptar scored with 12:30 left, Arch Rival widened their lead to 181-104.

A pair of 14-pointers from Swanson and Bolt Action down the stretch complimented ARCH’s dominance. St. Louis’ 121-66 second-period performance resulted in the 220-160 victory and a 2-1 finish at the WFTDA D1 International Championships.

Swanson topped ARCH scoring with 67 points followed by Reptar’s 55.

ARCH INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Annie Swanson 67, Reptar 55, Bolt Action 45, Bricktator 22, Vicious VanGoGo 15

Arch Rival now returns to their three-team, local campaign, presented in conjunction with their “brothers,” GateKeepers Roller Derby, that launches Saturday, December 16 at Ballwin, Missouri’s Midwest Sport Hockey.

Season passes for the seven-event series are $70 and come with a complimentary t-shirt. For more info, go to THIS LINK.

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