Arch Rival Roller Derby’s Reaction Regarding Recent Events Occurring In St. Louis

“In light of recent events, both occurring within the city of St. Louis and throughout the country, Arch Rival Roller Derby (ARCH), recognizes that our municipality is currently highlighted in the ongoing national discussion that centers around racism and white supremacy. Racism persists in many forms and remains pervasive in our justice system.

As a member league of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the governing body within the sport that promotes diversity, anti-discrimination and inclusiveness, ARCH strives to be inclusive and is on a continued mission to grow in our capacity to support those experiencing oppression and marginalization.

We stand with all who fight for justice, including members of our organization, and our league will continue to seek a more equitable future.”

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Muckety Muck

Muckety Muck has been a co-announcer for Arch Rival Roller Derby since 2008. Writes Arch Rival previews and recaps for Arch City Sports, a St. Louis-based sports website.

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