ARCH All-Stars Receive Third Seed For WFTDA D1 Dallas Playoff

(Written by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association – Edited For Localized Content)

AUSTIN, TX – The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) recently announced that the primary travel team of Arch Rival Roller Derby (ARCH) qualified for the 2017 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoff round held in Dallas, Texas, September 22-24, as the event’s third seed.

The tournament seeding reflects the June 30 WFTDA rankings, which were based on sanctioned games played through that date.

The Dallas playoff round is one of three Division 1 playoff tournaments held during the WFTDA’s 2017 post-season. Each playoff features a twelve team-bracketed tournament format and the placement of leagues at each location and their respective seeds is based on an “S-curve” methodology of the leagues ranked #1 through #36 internationally.

ARCH (2-4) was ranked eighth internationally by the WFTDA at the aforementioned June 30 benchmark and, as a result, received the third seed for the Dallas playoff.

Founded in 2005, Arch Rival has qualified and completed in the WFTDA playoffs since 2009 and has reached the governing body’s international championship tournament the past two seasons. Last November, the A-team netted its first-ever victory in championship play and reached the quarterfinals, marking inaugural “elite-eight” status internationally.

The following teams, listed in order of seed, join Arch Rival in Dallas to compete for a spot at the WFTDA Championships held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in November.

1) Victorian Roller Derby League, Melbourne, Australia

2) Texas Rollergirls, Austin, TX

3) Arch Rival Roller Derby, St. Louis, MO

4) Minnesota RollerGirls, Saint Paul, MN

5) Atlanta Rollergirls, Atlanta, GA

6) Queen City Roller Girls, Buffalo, NY

7) Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Santa Cruz, CA

8) Philly Roller Derby, Philadelphia, PA

9) Arizona Roller Derby, Phoenix, AZ

10) Dallas Derby Devils, Dallas, TX

11) Houston Roller Derby, Houston, TX

12) Wasatch Roller Derby, Salt Lake City, UT

The top four finishers from each of the three international Division 1 Playoffs (Dallas, Seattle and Malmo, Sweden) advance to November’s finale to compete for the sport’s highest honor: the Hydra trophy and the title of WFTDA Division 1 Champions.

Marking its 12th year of pushing the sport’s athleticism and competition to new heights, the International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships bring together the most talented, highly trained skaters and teams from WFTDA member leagues. Whether participating on the track, cheering in the stands or watching online, WFTDA tournaments provide everyone who loves roller derby an opportunity to witness the most anticipated match-ups of the year.

The International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships offer five weekends (four Division 1 events and a Division 2 event) of full-contact competition. Catch a preview of this year’s tournament action and see archives of past footage by clicking this link.

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