Smashies Top Stunts, Stay Undefeated

(BALLWIN, MO) At the April 1 regular season finale for Arch Rival Roller Derby (ARCH), the Smashinistas topped the Stunt Devils, 232-207.

G1A re-match for the local championship will occur on Saturday, April 22 at Queeny Park as the Stunt Devils seek a “three-peat” while the Smashies aim for their first title since 2014.

The Smashinistas, who finished the ARCH regular season perfect at 4-0, claimed the 25-point duke thanks to a 37-0 rally deep in the contest.

“We put a lot of stress on working together and tightening up on the issues that we had on our previous games and I think that showed tonight,” assessed Smashies’ jammer Bolt Action afterwards. “We were executing on the things that we have been working on.”

Leading 21-13 four jams deep, Smashies’ scoring lynchpin Harmony Killerbruise collected a 13-4 rotation at the 22:30 mark that pushed her team’s lead to 34-12. They pushed the lead to 40-19 after Killerbruise snared a four-pointer with 18:30 left in the frame.

G1The Stunts Devils then slashed the deficit as jammer Bricktator collected a 26-11 non-lead power jam at the 15:50 mark that narrowed the Smashies’ lead to 51-45. Then following a Stunts’ solo point snare in Jam 11, the squad netted a power start and Psychokid D’ Freakout produced a nine-point rotation that handed the Stunt Devils a 55-51 scoreboard flip with 13:20 left in the half.

The lead was short lived as the Smashies claimed 18 straight points over the next two jams. Smarty McFly jammed a 14-point turn and Killerbruise followed with four with 11:05 left in the frame that handed the Smashinistas a 69-55 advantage.

Paced by the blocking of Shear-Ra Powers, Nox, Beaver Knievel, Bruise Almighty, Fletch A Sketch, Hakuna Renata, Goldie Blocks, Pegasass, Joan of Spark, Ophelia Bottoms, Wonder Thighs, Cruella Belle-ville and Hardcore Parkour, the Stunts managed to whittle the deficit and only trailed 71-63 with 7:30 left in the period.

G1Then during the last four jams, the Smashies made a 58-29 push thanks to the blocking of McFly, Salty, Shimmy Hoffa, Cloak N’ Drag-Her, Rumbledore, Holliver Fist, Birdsong, Rock Slobster, Wicked Witch of the Midwest and Detta.

Salty’s 14-point power jam claimed with six minutes extended the Smashies’ lead to 85-63. After the Stunts’ D’Freakout scored eight points with 4:30 left, Flash then contributed a 23-pointer on the period’s penultimate jam that resulted in a 108-71 lead for the Smashinistas at the two-minute warning.

An entertaining 21-21 push that was accumulated by the Smashies’ Killerbruise and the Stunts’ Bricktator in the period’s final jam resulted in the Smashies’ 129-92 lead at intermission.

In the second half, the Stunts whittled away the differential and with a 22-7 run over the first seven jams, narrowed the score to 136-114 with 21:20 left in the game.

But as soon as the daredevils made ground, the Smashies quickly widened the differential. Salty’s 25-12 jam at the 20:05 mark pushed the score to 161-125.

G1The Smashinistas sported a 183-147 lead with ten minutes left and then produced the aforementioned 37-0 rally that secured victory. Bolt Action’s 24-point collection with 9:40 left was followed by McFly’s nine-pointer and a four-spot from Killerbruise that extended the Smashies’ lead to 220-147.

The Stunts utilized late power jams from Knievel and Bricktator that made the contest intriguing on the scoreboard but the Smashies held onto the 232-207 victory for an undefeated regular season finish. The squad is primed for snaring their first local title since 2014 and will review the digital highlights from Saturday in order to prepare.

“We want to focus on footage,” said Bolt Action, who topped Smashies’ scoring with 66 points. “We just want to tweak the things that we didn’t execute perfectly tonight.”

Killerbruise added 57 points while Flash and Salty contributed 43 and 42, respectively.

G1Meanwhile, the Stunts’ missive is to hone game play if they covet a “three-peat” at Midwest Sport Hockey on April 22.

“I’m still very optimistic that we can take them at championships,” said D’Freakout, who finished with 53 points. “We‘ll tweak a few things and come back in three weeks and be ready.”


SMASHINISTAS (232): Bolt Action 66, Harmony Killerbruise 57, Salty 43, Flash 42, Smarty McFly 24

STUNT DEVILS (207): Bricktator 89, Psychokid D’Freakout 53, Aggie Wartooth 20, Beaver Knievel 19, Hakuna Renata 13.

(Photo credit: Bob Dunnell)

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