Smashies Claim Lead In ARCH Standings

Recap by Muckety Muck – Photos by Bob Dunnell

(BALLWIN, MO) At Saturday’s Arch Rival Roller Derby event at Midwest Sport Hockey, the Smashinistas defeated two-time defending champs, the Stunt Devils, 249-222, to claim sole possession of first place in the local standings at the season’s midpoint.

Smashinistas vs Stunt DevilsYes, your eyes do not deceive you on that final score. Over 470 cumulative points were achieved in a donnybrook that saw eight lead changes in the first half.

The Smashinistas (2-0) utilized a 32-7 stretch over two rotations midway in the second period to claim its second straight victory and secure a lock on the top spot of the league standings…a position it had not visited since they last hoisted hardware in 2014.

“I feel like we’re putting together the puzzle pieces of our team really well right now,” said Smashies’ blocker Smarty McFly afterwards.

Smashinistas vs Stunt DevilsLeading 9-0 after Harmony Killerbruise’s game-opening strike, the Smashinisitas stretched their lead to 31-8 following Bolt Action’s 22-8 non-lead power jam in the second rotation.

The Stunt Devils (1-1) quickly erased the deficit as jammer Bricktator posted 24 points in the game’s third cycle and narrowed the score to 35-32 at the 23:00 mark.

The Smashies countered with a 21-9 stretch run over the next three jams. Action completed the transaction via a 14-5 jam with 18:30 left in the period that pushed the camo-clad troopers’ lead to 56-41.

Propelled by blockers Shear-Ra Powers, Cruella Belle-ville, Beaver Knievel and Fletch-A-Sketch, the Stunts’ Bricktator quickly erased the deficit with an 18-point jam with 15:55 left in the period that resulted in a 59-56 lead change in favor of the daredevils.

Smashinistas vs Stunt DevilsThis launched a mind-boggling streak of eight consecutive jams that resulted in ensuing lead changes. Highlights included a pair of multi-lap power jams from the Stunts’ Aggie Wartooth, whose 18-point rotation resulted in her team’s 105-91 scoreboard-flipping lead with 6:30 left in the period.

The advantage was shortly lived as the Smashies’ Smarty McFly, aided by blockers Shimmy Hoffa, Shade Guevara, Cloak N’Drag-Her and Rock Slobster, churned a 33-point power jam that resulted in a 124-105 lead change with 3:50 left in the half.

The Stunts mightily battled in the latter stretches and with help from blockers Nox, Wonder Thighs, Pegasass and Goldie Blocks, they were able to shore the score to 127-110 after Psychokid D’ Freakout’s five-point  pass in the period’s penultimate jam.

The momentum was quickly thwarted as Smashies’ jammer Flash dismantled the opposition and posted an 18-point, period-ending gut punch that resulted in her team’s 146-110 lead at intermission.

As topsy-turvy as the first half was, the second period was all about the Smashinistas maintaining a perpetual 30-point-plus cushion.

Smashinistas vs Stunt DevilsLeading 169-136 ten minutes deep in the frame, the Smashies’ Salty, supported by blockers Rumbledore, Holliver Fist, Party McFly and Birdsong, tasted a baker’s dozen with 16:30 left that resulted in a 182-136 advantage with 16:30 remaining.

Killerbruise’s 19-7 round-tripper followed and the Smashies pushed their lead to 201-143 with 14:10 left.

To their credit, the Stunts refused to wave the white flag and with multi-lap passes recorded by Bricktator, Violet Opposition and D’Freakout late in the game, the score was sliced to 249-204 heading into the game’s final rotation.

Smashinistas vs Stunt DevilsWith mere seconds remaining on the period clock, Bricktator raced to the front and collected lead for the Stunts. As the scoreboard displayed a goose egg and continued via the jam clock, the defending champs notched 18 points but the deficit was too much out of reach for a realistic comeback.

The Stunts outscored the Smashinistas in the second period, 112-103, but the halftime edge proved to be beneficial for the Smashies, who claimed the 249-222 triumph and sole possession of first place in the ARCH standings.

Bolt Action topped five Smashie skaters that each recorded over 30 points during the evening. Her team-high 69 points were followed by Killerbruise’s 59 and Salty’s 43. The team will be idle next month and returns to action on March 11.

“(One) thing that we’re going to focus on is working on our communication,” said McFly on her team’s future goals. “All the teams are getting better as the season progresses so it’s going to get harder.”

Bricktator finished the night with 100 point for the Stunts, who dropped to second place in the ARCH standings at 1-1. They will meet the M-80s (0-2) at ARCH’s next event at Midwest Sport Hockey on February 18.

“We were very proud of our defense,” said Stunts’ blocker Nox afterwards. “We’ve been working on our braced walls a lot and that was sort of our saving grace (tonight).”


SMASHINISTAS (249): Bolt Action 69, Harmony Killerbruise 59, Salty 43, Flash 39, Smarty McFly 34, Cloak N’ Drag-Her 5.

STUNT DEVILS (222): Bricktator 100, Aggie Wartooth 61, Psyhcokid D’ Freakout 41, Violet Opposition 19.

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