#8: Fleur-de-ME: Psychokid D Freakout

Psychokid D Freakout, aka Kid, is a tenacious jammer with a bubbly personality who is always up for an adventure.  Before she takes the line in the Stunt Devils’ upcoming game against the Smashies this Saturday, let’s learn about her Arch Rival experience.

Q: What’s your favorite memory about starting at Arch Rival?

Psychokid D Freakout: My favorite memory of starting at Arch Rival was when one of my favorite skaters from another league, Pegasass, showed up at one of my first practices and told me she was also joining.  I had always wanted to skate with and she just sauntered in to practice! This story has become even more important to me in the months since. Peg and I were drafted to the same local team, we nervously tried out (and made!) the All Stars together, and we Co-Captained the Saint Lunachix together! She has become my best friend and one of my favorite people in the universe.

Q: Do you remember a moment that you felt you really belonged?

Psychokid D Freakout: I’ve been a part of enough leagues to know that it’s not in a single moment when you know you belong. My first moment was when Peg and I found out we both made the All Star charter. That one moment spread into a season with some of the best people in the world. A very special part of my belonging in this league is my connection to the wonderful ladies who pull double-duty on the All Stars and Saint Lunachix, aka the Cross-overs. It only took one tournament with the All Stars for us to realize we were all in this battle together. We trained hard alongside each other with both the All Stars  and the Saint Lunachix and lead the Saint Lunachix to B Champs. I love that we shared each other’s victories and defeats.

Q: What makes this league so special?

Psychokid D Freakout: Arch Rival is my fourth league. I feel strongest, most cared for, and invested in this league. This league is made up of such dedicated, genuine, and wonderful individuals. Watching so many skaters look beyond themselves for the improvement of the league is heart-warming. There are people on this league that will make you smile at your darkest hour-I’ve really found my heart in this league.


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