#7: Fleur-de-ME: Ninja Sass’em

Ninja Sass’em is one of the most knowledgeable skaters in roller derby.  She always knows what’s going on in the WFTDA and she is great at explaining the sometimes confusing language of the rules for our sport. She is also queen of the WFTDA Rankings Calculator and knows how to put a strategic season together. After several seasons as a player, Ninja is now a valuable full-time official for our league. Plus, she hooks us up with derby gear from her shop, Turn Left Skatepro-Hustle City.

Q: What’s your favorite memory about starting Arch Rival?

My favorite memory was my during my first D1 playoff game in Salt Lake City.  I started the first jam of our first game and I remember looking at my pack with butterflies in my stomach, but hope in my heart thinking.  I just KNEW we were going to play an amazing game.  We were so laser-focused and we won!

Q: Do you remember a moment that you felt you really belonged?

I transferred to Arch Rival from a smaller league and had never played a “local” season before.  I was quickly drafted to the Stunt Devils and found a place as an on the track leader and supporter for some of the newer and developing skaters.  It was a totally different dynamic than playing at the very competitive travel team level and I made some really great friendships.

Q: What do you wish the public of St. Louis would know about ARCH?

Ninja Sass’Em: I wish our city could see how our community of diverse athletes helps and genuinely cares about each other on and off the track.  A lot of us found our “family” in Arch Rival.

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