#3: Fleur-de-ME: Muckety Muck

This week’s Fleur-de-ME post features Muckety Muck, one of our beloved announcers and our number one journalist. He just recently celebrated his 300th article for Arch City Sports, giving coverage to local teams that deserve it. Muckety Muck covers every local and travel game for both Arch Rival Roller Derby and the Gatekeepers. With his distinctive voice, distinguished mustache and giant heart, Muckety Muck lives up to the definition of his name as “a person of great importance.” Read on to learn more about him.

Q: What’s your favorite memory about starting with Arch Rival?
Muckety Muck: When stepping on board as an announcer full-time in 2009, it was positively associating myself with a hard-working collective of athletes and support staff whose overall goal was (and still is) to expose flat-track roller derby to an active St. Louis sports market and ultimately prove that it could satisfy audiences that either craved sports or merely sought a fun evening of alternative entertainment. Even today, ARCH’s intent is to showcase its local events in a way that can excite both long-time derby fans and the first-time viewer that will hopefully become a long-time ARCH fan.

Q: Do you remember a moment when you felt you really belonged?
Muckety Muck: Even though I’ve been associated with the league as an announcer for the last eight years, I had always considered myself, intentionally, an extension of ARCH since I neither skated nor served as a skating or non-skating official. That doesn’t mean that the league didn’t consider me to be a member of the ARCH family because they had always made me feel welcomed since Day One. I just preferred to stay on the periphery. My work with ARCH, either as a yapper on event night or as a journalist, either on its own official website or outside online outlets, was for the good of the league and not for myself. It really sunk in internally, and emotionally, when ARCH gave me an official league track jacket last season. It meant a lot to me and I will always be appreciative of that.

Q: What makes this league so special?
Muckety Muck: Entering its 11th year of operation, I believe there are numerous accomplishments by ARCH. Within the confines of the flat-track, the competitiveness continues to evolve on both a local and international level. Intraleague play last season was one of its best overall and I think that intensity will bring another exciting 2016-17 local campaign that begins in December. On a global level, ARCH has proven itself to be one of the premier leagues within the WFTDA with the ARCH All-Stars return to Division 1 International Championships and with the Saint Lunachix competing at the B-Team Championships. Those aspects alone prove that this league strives to push its itself to an upper-echelon level.

Beyond roller derby, ARCH has existed and survived for over ten years in a local market that has seen numerous sports franchises fail. There have been many St. Louis-based teams, including professional indoor/outdoor soccer, semi-professional basketball, minor-league ice-hockey and indoor arena football, among others, which have crashed and burned because they attempted to go beyond their means. A lot of those failures were the result of their respective governing bodies’ folding, but all were the result of not being fiscally realistic about the future. ARCH has never had that problem because it continues to smartly operate on its own local level within its financial parameters.

Most importantly, what makes ARCH special is that it will always be considered “homegrown” in complexion. We’re your family, your neighbors, your co-workers and your friends. And we’re damn good local talent, overall.

Q: What do you wish the public of St. Louis would know about ARCH?
Muckety Muck: ARCH is an entertaining and affordable option for both the sports and non-sports fan. For a $10 ticket, a spectator is getting an evening of competitive action that contains both the athleticism and in-play drama that one desires from a sporting event. ARCH also provides entertainment, either by the colorful personalities competing during the game or from the halftime acts, as the evening progresses. The venue ARCH competes at is safe, climate-controlled and has free parking. Food and beverage prices are well below what one would experience at other high-end athletic venues (i.e. $8.25 for their beers vs. $3 for ours.) Children 10 and under get in free, which is appealing for those families with a tight budget. In short, the money spent for an ARCH event will pay dividends by evening’s end.

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