#1. Welcome to St. Louis

Hello from St. Louis, the gateway to the BEST THINGS in America: beer, baseball, toasted ravioli, and internationally top ranked ROLLER DERBY.

We are Arch Rival Roller Derby, a league full of nearly 70 talented athletes that make up 6 teams!

Our three travel teams:

            Our A Team – Arch Rival All-Stars                        Our B Team- Saint Lunachix                               Our C Team- Fleur Delinquents

ARCH-all-stars 2016









Along with our three local teams:

The M-80s


                                The Stunt Devils                                                                                                                               The Smashinistas

Stunt Devils


Plus a team of amazing volunteer officials, photographersmedia gurus, and fans!

This home, our league, is something extremely special to us. The past two years we have been blazing new trails and stepping up our game. Our All-Stars are ranked 8th internationally; the St. Lunachix are ranked 7th across the B teams in the nation. Our brothers, the St. Louis Gatekeepers, who we cross train with, are the #1 ranked men’s team internationally. So, to say we are kind of a big deal is not an overstatement.

As a skater, I can’t tell you how amazing and prideful I am when I walk into an arena, look down at my jersey and l see that I am skating on behalf of St. Louis, the city I love. Our skaters are dedicated, driven, and strong, and we bleed in fleur de lis. We want to see your beautiful faces in our stands, strapped in your own skates, or even taking stats!

We are going to ignite our lil’ ole’ blog with some NEW CONTENT each week in order to share our stories with our family, friends, and fans.

Stay tuned for the following blogs coming up:

  • HuSTLe City: See your favorite Arch skater reaching out within the community to review their favorite local spots, local shops to charities! Have a suggestion/want us to review your place? Message us!
  • EmPOWERment: Arch Skaters giving you the tips and tricks on how to be the best athlete possible through exercise and nutrition!
  • Fleur-de-ME: Profiles to give you the inside story about your favorite ARCH skaters!

Make sure you are following us on all our social media in order to catch the latest updates.
Twitter- @archrivalstl
Email- info@archrivalrollerderby.com
Facebook- Arch Rival Roller Derby
Instagram- @archrivalrollerderby

Have something you want to add? Perhaps the story of your first time seeing roller derby? We would love to hear FROM YOU!

Thanks for stopping by.  See you again real soon!

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