ARRG Local Teams Boost Rosters With Draft

The three local squads of the Arch Rival Rollers Girls added new skaters to their respective rosters via a draft held Thursday night in St. Louis.

The Stunt Devils added Sue Bob Fight and Violet Opposition. Fight previously skated with Cape Girardeau Roller Derby, where she was a founder, the Southern Illinois Roller Girls and represented Team Missouri at the 2015 State Wars tournament. Opposition previously skated as Chick DeckHer for Confluence Crush Roller Derby.

The Smashinistas added Salty, who previously skated with Cape Girardeau, and Blink, who skated with Roughneck Roller Derby of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The M-80s added Molotov Cocktail, whose career began with the Springfield (MO) Roller Girls and has skated with both Cape Girardeau and Southern Illinois. Cocktail was also a member of Team Missouri at State Wars.

Congratulations to ARRG’s latest local team additions! Come see four of the five skaters make their local ARRG debut on Saturday, January 23 as the Stunt Devils face the Smashinistas!

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Muckety Muck

Muckety Muck has been a co-announcer for Arch Rival Roller Derby since 2008. Writes Arch Rival previews and recaps for Arch City Sports, a St. Louis-based sports website.

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